Three Simple Words

Three simple words. That’s all He asked. But I couldn’t say them. No, that not true. I wouldn’t say them. In the spring of 1981, I stood wedging a piece of clay in my Art 12 class at Stanley Humphries High School. One table away, a vivacious blonde-haired dropout had...

Beauty For Ashes

Have you ever tried to create a master-piece and ended up with a royal mess instead? Years ago when visiting family in Belgium, I decided to make a Black Forest cake for my mom’s birthday. The cake was fine, it was the icing that presented the challenge. I made three...

From The Inside Out

This time of year finds many of us making New Year’s resolutions – promises we make ourselves to stop doing this or start doing that. “This year I will ____!” You fill in the blank. We’ve all done it. A brand new year seems to be the perfect time to turn the page on...

Come As You Are

For two weeks, my husband, Mark and I have been crawling out of bed at 5 a.m. so that we can study our Bibles together before hitting the 6:30 “Early Bird Swim” at the Community Complex. We are enjoying meeting new friends and loving how fantastic we feel after...

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