He was despised and rejected by mankind, a man of suffering, and familiar with pain…” —Isaiah 53:3

Prayer Focus: Syria (and Turkey)—A 7.8-magnitude earthquake, combined with numerous aftershocks, struck Turkey and Syria on February 6, 2023. As of early March, the death toll had tragically surpassed 50,000. Millions are homeless and seeking refuge. The earthquake struck a region in Syria already reeling due to layers of disaster and trauma stemming from ongoing civil war between the government and multiple rebel armies; humanitarian aid is, therefore, especially critical, yet also incredibly difficult to distribute.

Prayer Starter: Heavenly Father, we acknowledge you as God over all, in all, and through all. You have always existed, and you will forever be the same. In these truths we take comfort and derive great confidence that you can answer our humble pleas on behalf of a hurting people and land. Every life lost in the aftermath of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria was a precious life to you—may our hearts always break for that which breaks yours. In that spirit, we urge you to continue to work through your people in this battered region of the world to relieve the hurting, restore hope, revitalize communities, and revive your church. We know you’re intimately acquainted with suffering; therefore, in your compassion, you know just what to do as relief efforts continue in Turkey and Syria. We pray for everyone who needs help to receive it; we ask for safety for those distributing supplies in dangerous territory; we pray for peace and a rallying together for the common good. May you be glorified in all! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

*To financially come alongside the local church in response to these disasters, and others, donations can be made to Church of God Ministries Disaster Relief. 100 percent of your donation goes to assist Church of God communities affected by, and responding to, disasters globally. For a complete list and more thorough explanation of ongoing disaster response coordinated through Church of God Ministries, visit https://www.jesusisthesubject.org/current-disaster-responses .

All Scripture excerpted from the New International Version unless otherwise indicated.