July 21, 2023 – July 22, 2023 all-day
Pass Creek Regional Exhibition Grounds
1095 Relkoff Rd
1X0, Castlegar
🗓️ Dates: Friday, July 21 (6-10 PM) & Saturday, July 22 (6-10 PM)
🎵 Venue: Pass Creek Exhibition Grounds
🔥 Theme: Celebrating Jesus with Modern and 70’s Music
🍔 BBQ: Available on Saturday
👗 Dress Code: 70’s Style
🪑 Bring: Lawn Chairs
🎉 Join us for an unforgettable celebration of faith, music, and community at the Pass Creek Gospel Music Festival 2023! 🎉
Immerse yourself in the harmonious melodies and uplifting rhythms as we come together to rejoice in the glory of Jesus. This year, we’re bringing you a fantastic fusion of modern and 70’s music, ensuring an electrifying atmosphere that will transport you to a nostalgic era while embracing the contemporary sounds of praise.
Save the dates—Friday, July 21, and Saturday, July 22—from 6 PM to 10 PM, for two incredible evenings of soul-stirring performances, heartfelt worship, and joyful fellowship. The Pass Creek Exhibition Grounds will be transformed into a vibrant stage where talented artists will fill the air with their inspiring voices and instrumental talents.
Youth Night is on Friday, where we have two amazing artists lined up to rock the stage. “Spark of Light” and “SB the Vate,” renowned rappers known for their dynamic performances and powerful lyrics, will ignite the crowd with their contagious energy. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the incredible talent of these musicians!
Saturday will be a special night as we welcome Jim Reimer, the pastor from Kootenay Christian Fellowship and founder of Share Nelson, as our guest speaker. His inspiring message will deepen our spiritual connection and enrich our experience at the festival.
But that’s not all! On Saturday, we invite you to indulge in a delectable BBQ feast, as we believe good food adds an extra touch of joy to any gathering. So bring your appetite and prepare for a mouthwatering culinary experience that will complement the musical delights.
To fully embrace the spirit of the festival, we encourage you to dress in your grooviest 70’s attire. Dust off those bell-bottoms, embrace the vibrant colors, and let your inner disco diva or rockstar shine. It’s the perfect opportunity to express your unique style and spread the positive vibes throughout the event.
And don’t forget to bring your lawn chairs! Find a cozy spot amidst the beautiful surroundings, relax, and immerse yourself in the uplifting tunes as you connect with fellow music enthusiasts, friends, and neighbors. The Pass Creek Gospel Music Festival is a time for unity and celebration, where we can come together and strengthen our bonds as a community.
Entrance to this incredible event is free, and we gratefully accept donations to support the Grace Community Birth Center, located in Grand Bassin, Haiti (https://www.gracebirthcenter.org/donate…). The Pass Creek Gospel Music Festival has always supported a charity, and thanks to your generosity, we have been able to bring in thousands of dollars over the years. Last year, we were able to raise over $7,000 that went directly to Ukraine to aid in relief. Your generosity will enable us to continue spreading the message of love, faith, and joy through the power of gospel music.
Mark your calendars, invite your loved ones, and get ready to experience an extraordinary weekend at the Pass Creek Gospel Music Festival 2023! Let’s celebrate Jesus, embrace the music of the past and present, and create memories that will uplift our spirits for years to come.
For more information, updates, and to express your interest in attending, follow us on social media @Pass Creek Gospel Music Festival. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or require further details.
Together, let’s ignite our souls and celebrate the joyous power of gospel music!
Yours in faith and music,
Pass Creek Gospel Music Festival 2023

🔧We are currently seeking volunteers to assist with both the setup and take-down of the Pass Creek Gospel Music Festival 2023, as well as various non-heavy lifting activities. Our team, led by Gordon Swetlishoff, is responsible for organizing the stage and related tasks to ensure a successful event. 🎪
📅 The equipment will be moved to the park on Tuesday, July 18, and the festival grounds will be set up from July 19 to July 21. If you are interested in contributing your time and energy to either the setup/take-down or non-heavy lifting activities, we would be immensely grateful for your assistance. Please reach out to us at gswetlishoff@gmail.com, specifying the number of available volunteers and your preferred time, so we can effectively schedule the work. 📩
🌟 In addition, we have opportunities available for volunteers who would like to contribute their skills and time in areas other than the setup and take-down. If you are interested in these non-heavy lifting activities, please feel free to contact Giles at gilles_parenteau@hotmail.com or John at john491@shaw.ca. They will gladly provide you with more information and help you find a role that aligns with your abilities. 🙌
🤝 Your support in these endeavors would make a significant difference in creating an unforgettable experience for all attendees at the Pass Creek Gospel Music Festival 2023. 🎉
🙏 Thank you in advance for your generosity and dedication! Together, we can make the Pass Creek Gospel Music Festival 2023 a resounding success. 💫