January 25, 2019 @ 5:30 pm
Kinnaird Church of God

Come join our Potato Party! Gourmet baked potatoes, live music, and the movie “Faith Like Potatoes.”

Faith Like Potatoes is the inspiring biography of farmer/evangelist Angus Buchan. His “Mighty Men’s Conferences” have been attended by hundreds of thousands of men around the globe. The first one to be held in Canada is happening this summer, right here in Castlegar! There will be groups of men coming from Tennessee, Saskatchewan, Alaska, South Africa & Europe.

After dinner, well known Christian songwriter and recording artist Robin Mark from Northern Ireland will be leading us in worship. Then Jeff Zak will briefly tell us about our first ever Mighty Men’s Conference before we kick back and watch the movie. Bring the whole family–$5.00 per person at the door.

For more info visit www.mightymen.ca