November 14, 2021 @ 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Risk Osborne
The 5-Day "Face-To-Face" Challenge with Rick Osborne @ ZOOM or FB LIVE

ATTENTION Christians who Love God

and Want More of Him!


Take The 5-Day “Face-To-Face” Challenge [FREE]

  • Learn the Secrets of Hearing From God Clearly
  • Live Training from Rick Osborne
  • Practical and Scriptural Steps to Experience Jesus
  • Special Guest Appearance from Michael Q. Pink
  • Learn How To Experience God’s Love
  • Special Guest Appearance from Art Thomas
  • Experience God’s Presence Daily
  • 5 Days Packed With Solid Biblical Teaching
It Took Rick 10 Years…
Rick Osborne’s number one desire in life was to Know God! For Decades he was consistent in prayer and Bible Study; and all the while cried out to know and experience God more. He followed every recipe he could find for how to know, hear and be intimate with God. He saw gradual results and had many great experiences, but he never felt like he really entered into knowing God in fullness.  
Then Jesus spoke to him and promised to personally teach Him from the Bible, what he so desired to know. What Jesus taught Rick from the Word blew his mind; and in the year following that visitation Rick applied what he learned, and his relationship and intimacy with God skyrocketed! 
The Lord told Rick that the Father wants this kind of face-to-face, intimate relationship with ALL of His kids; and now Rick has been tasked with teaching you what Jesus taught him. 
It Will Take You 5 Days…
What you’ll learn in the Free 5 Day Face-To-Face Challenge is what the Bible really says about God’s desire for intimacy with you; what it says about knowing Him, hearing Him and consistently experiencing His love and presence. You’ll also learn how to practically, and step by step, walk it out, and keep growing in it! 
Did you know that the amazing relationships the Father had with Abraham, Moses, and David were just a foreshadowing of the relationship He wants with you in His Son Christ Jesus?
The Challenge…
Rick will be giving you the entire Knowing God Masterclass in this FREE 5-Day Face-To-Face Challenge. 
He’ll also be challenging you with Live Activations, Prayer Exercises and Homework. 
Come to Experience God and His Presence, and be Transformed!  
Rick will also be interviewing Best-Selling Author Michael Pink who will be talking to you about how truly Knowing God will impact every area of life, including your career and/or business.

You Will Learn…

  • What The Bible Teaches About The Amazing Face-To-Face Relationship God Wants To Have With You; and the Father has Promised to help you walk in!
  • The Simple and Practical Daily How-To’s You Need To Walk in That Relationship.
  • How To Know God and Experience His Love and Presence Daily.

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