January 17, 2021

ABIDING & ABOUNDING IN CHRIST ~ An Invitation to Divine Vitality in 2021

Many of us, including myself, are not very good at slowing down to "smell the roses", so to speak. We're used to the pressure of the never-ending "to-do list" and the posture of nose down, posterior up... Thus, it may surprise us, that this is NOT the position from which God empowers us to BE and DO. I am super excited about introducing and helping some of us, perhaps for the first time, begin living VIBRANTLY from that place of security and rest that is only found in intimate fellowship and connection with our Lord. I hope that your interest is being piqued and that you will join us for the adventure ahead of us in 2021 where we discover the unparalleled peace, joy and power of ABIDING & ABOUNDING IN CHRIST!