March 7, 2021

The First Commission ~ BACK TO THE BEGINNING

Have you ever noticed that when you get a new vehicle or do some research and consider purchasing a certain make of vehicle that, suddenly, the city seems to be overrun with that particular vehicle? Now, 50 people didn’t just rush out and buy that vehicle and start driving around the city… they’ve been here all along, I have simply become aware of them… and now I recognize and see them… EVERYWHERE! That is what has happened to me, as have gained more insight, and understanding about spiritual dynamics being played out in the Biblical narrative. I am recognizing, and thus seeing, evidence of those things interwoven, from beginning to end, in the pages of amazing God’s Story! I pray that you too will begin to see precious and powerful truths that have been “hidden in plain sight” in your Bible all along and that it will kindle a blazing, holy fire within you that will never go out!