Make a difference with your time by volunteering in a role that fits your God-given gifts, interests and talents. These are His signposts directing us on how we can best serve others and our community.


Are you a people person? Does smiling, shaking hands and small talk come naturally? Are you bright and cheery in the morning? If so, then consider becoming one of our greeters. Our greeters ensure that every person that comes through our doors is offered a warm welcome and the answers and assistance they may need. Every great experience starts with a smile.


Do you have great culinary skills and love working with food? Do you have recipes people are always asking for? Or maybe you’d like to learn? Then you’ll fit right in as part of our Hospitality Team! As a volunteer, you’ll join our team of happy foodies serving in the kitchen and creating fabulous food fare for our various ministries and Love Feasts. As a wonderful side benefit you’ll probably learn even more amazing recipes & techniques from the rest of the talented team.


Do you have a natural and engaging teaching ability? Do you have a gifting and a love for nurturing children? Do you have a passion for helping children experience God? Then we invite you to apply to join our Children’s Ministry Team where you can shine, and your gifts can really make a difference! Come and see what we’re all about and help us establish children in their relationship with Him.


Are you musically talented? Do you love to close your eyes and get lost in God’s goodness and presence when you worship? Do you like the idea of leading others into that same experience? Then we invite you to join those who have a heart like yours for God and who love using their musical gifts to practice, prepare, plan, participate and lead KCOG members in real corporate worship. A passion for music is powerful, but a passion for worship is life-changing.


Are you a prayer warrior? Do you long for healing and restoration and recommitment? Do you love connecting with the Father in prayer and seeing victory in the lives of others? Then we invite you to become part of our Prayer Ministry and to faithfully pray for breakthrough for those hurting in our community.


Do you love the older hymns? Do you like hearing stories of peoples’ lives? Do you have compassion and love to sit with an elderly person? Elderly people in a Care Home are looking at the face of death and many have open hearts towards the Gospel. We invite you to join us when we serve the Care Homes in our community once a month.


Are you a handyman or a tradesperson? Do you love getting those little jobs done? Do you love that warm feeling you get when everything is clean and in its right place? If any of that is you then we have a great place for you to serve! Let us know what you love to do and we’ll add you to the Skills and Services list and coordinate with you when that job needs doing. Many hands make light work, or make the lights work!

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